Evilcorp Haunted Attractions Australia has run live, interactive entertainment experiences in South East Queensland Australia, since 2015. Guests enter our maze experiences with a small group of their friends, leading themselves through specially built sets, interacting with professionally trained scare actors, in special effects makeup and costume, along the way. The experience is exhilarating, with no end of screams and laughter. A bar greets your group at the end, where you can relax and recount your experience with friends while being entertained by roving improv actors. We are the first all year round, purpose build maze, scare attraction with over 20 live professional scare actors each night.

A horror maze (or haunted attraction) is a form of entertainment that simulates the experience of entering a haunted location. Our maze consists of many rooms and corridors all designed to take you out of reality so you can enjoy being the star of your own personal horror movie! 

We are located right in the entertainment heart of Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Our address is 226 Brunswick Street Fortitude Valley. We are less than a 100m walk North West of the Fortitude Valley Train Station.

We are open from 7pm – 10pm every Saturday night.

Yes. Our attractions is strictly an R16 experience. This means the person must have turned 16 on or before the date of attendance. They must bring I.D. with them. As we are also a licensed venue, anyone under 18 year olds must be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian or responsible adult of parental age. Please be aware that if you look young we will ask for ID. Please make sure you bring it with you to avoid disappointment.

Yes. Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian or responsible adult of similar age. This means an 18 year old sibling or cousin cannot act at the parent, legal guardian or responsible adult for a 16/17 year old. If there are several underage people attending, they do not all need one parent/legal guardian/responsible adult each. It is sufficient that one adult can accompany up to 3 underage persons.

Yes. The maze is underground, cold and pitch black. We give you only one little torch between two, to light your way through the maze. Our scare actors are good at what they do and they just LOVE to hear your screams and nervous laughter.

This does happen. There are three ways to tailor your experience if you get too scared. First of all you can wear one of our stunning W.U.S.S vests while in the maze. This means the scare actors will not pick on you in particular. But be quick! We only offer one vest per group so you might have to fight your friends for it! While in the maze, if you come across a scare actors you can’t handle, just put your hand up and say ‘STOP’, they will not break character, but will back away. If you have had enough of the maze you can tell any scare actor ‘I WANT OUT’. They will break character and escort you through the escape passages, back to the bar….where we will offer you a fresh pair of underwear.

The maze itself lasts about 15-20min. From the time you enter into the maze briefing area at the start of the maze, until you exit the maze back into the bar. Of cause you can stay in the bar area for as long as you like. There are professional roving improv actors in the bar all night to entertain you. You are welcome to get photos and videos with them. Stay until the end of the night 10pm and get more photos and videos with the entire cast. People normally spend around 1.5 to 2 hours with us.

Yes. We have our very own underground bar stocking all the basics and some of our very own spooky cocktails! We also offer light snacks. You can stay as long as you like in the bar.

There is no limit to the number of people who can go through the maze. We have people book large groups of 20/40+.
However, when you decide to enter the maze, we will split you up into smaller groups. We recommend 4 or less per group. This way everyone in your group gets the full experience and does not miss out on seeing any of the acts. If you go through in a larger group, some tend to miss out on seeing all the acts. If we split up your large group entering the maze but you all meet up in the maze anyway, you will have ruined the experience for some in your group. Larger groups also move more slowly so groups behind you may catch up and you will have ruined the experience for other strangers behind you. You all end up back in the bar at the end. Going through in split groups also means you can watch your friends exit the maze after you and laugh at them with us!

We 100% recommend flat, snug fitting, covered in shoes. The maze is pitch black. There are stairs and ramps as well as props and sets that you need to navigate around. Wearing heels is just asking for trouble. Other than that, wear what you like! You are more than welcome to dress up or ‘goth’ up but please do not wear anything that will cover your face or effect your vision.

The building we are in was built in 1923 so it about to turn 100! So unfortunately it does not have wheelchair access. If you wish to attend the attraction in a wheelchair, please give us a call to discuss this further 🙂 

It sucks. It’s the Valley. There is limited street parking to the north and west of us. Please pay special attention to the parking signs to avoid a fine. There are several paid parking buildings close by. Valley Metro Car Park is closest and offer the cheapest rate of $14.50 for the night if you book online. McWhirters Car Park is next closest at $16.50 for the night, booked online. The best way to get to the maze is by train, bus or ride share.

Not while inside the maze. Please do not take any photos or videos in the maze. It ruins the experience for others around you. If our scare actors catch you filming they will break character and escort you from the maze. Please don’t risk it. You are welcome to take videos and photos in the bar area with our roving improv scare actors. Stay until the end of the night (10pm) and you will get a chance to get video and photos with the entire cast as a special treat not to be missed!

Yes. If you wish to spend your birthday or other special event with us, flick us an email! There are lots of little things we can do to make your night a memorable one 😉

Yes! If you have a really large group, why not book out the entire first session of the night on a Saturday, for your exclusive use! Ask us for more info! Got an even larger group? Why not book the entire maze exclusively for the entire night on a Friday! Ask us how.

Yes. We are a fully indoor undercover venue. We are open every Saturday night regardless of the weather (unless it was the recent rain bomb where Brisbane almost floated away).

Yes. You will just need to purchase another pass at the bar. We recommend that instead of going through twice on one night, come back at a future date instead! The scare actors in the maze are always changing up, the sets and stories are always getting worked on, rooms change ect. So you will always have a different experience. It’s also fun to bring new screamy friends with you so you can laugh at them with us 😉

Yes. We like to change things up a little from time to time. From our New Years Eve Glow Stick maze where we only give you a glow stick to navigate the maze with, through to our Bloody Valentine’s maze where guests were encouraged to come in a bloody wedding dress! Look out for our special Easter and Christmas themed maze events too! 

Yes. We like to level up at Halloween, so look out for special nights where we get seriously ‘extra’ about the business of scaring you! NOT for the faint of heart or weak of stomach. There will still be normal maze nights in October for those who don’t want to push the limit just yet.

Yes. Flick us an email if you want to book a very special xmas work party!

You can book as many people as you like. Say if you book for 8 people, you can all arrive at the same time, or arrive separately and meet in the bar area. You can all sit together, have a drink, enjoy the roving impov actors, then line up for the maze when you feel ready. We take up to 10 people at one time into our maze briefing area. There you can be seated and listen to what is about to happen to you. We then split your group of 8 into two groups of 4 and let you into the maze with a few minutes gap between the two groups. Both groups exit the maze at the same place so you will be able to meet back up again in the bar area.

The maze is designed to be best experienced in small groups. This is so everyone in your group gets to see the scares and so you feel more ‘alone’ in the dark. If you go through in large groups, some people in your group may miss out on the scares. If you come in a large group, but we split you up into smaller groups to enter the maze, we beg you not to wait and meet up with each other in the maze. You will be doing people in your group, a disservice as they will miss out on the best experience. Its always fun to be the first group out of the maze so you can watch your friends in the following group/s come screaming out of the maze into the bar! You all end up back in the bar at the end so don’t ruin the fun by breaking the rules. It’s your own experience and that of your friends, that you are ruining, if you do.

No. Well, some douchebags can’t help themselves, but if you are a hot, smart, kind, popular, decent human, then please follow the rules. If you film in the maze, the actors will tell you not to and won’t act for you. If you touch the sets and probs the actors will tell you to stop and will not act for you. If you touch, push or try to intimidate the actors they will tell you to stop and not act for you. Some of these things will also get you thrown out immediately. So if you do any of these things you will essentially walk through a dark maze with no actors, no fun, no experience at all and will have wasted not only your money but the money of your friends who also paid for a ticket. Just be a decent human and enjoy yourself. The more you follow the rules, the more fun you will have. These rules are in place to make sure you get the most enjoyment out of the maze. The energy you put out is what will be reflected by the actors. Management reserve the right to eject you from the venue at any time for not following the posted rules. No refunds.

Look, some people come here determined not to be scared. We can spot you a mile away. The best advice we can give you is to put out the energy you want back. If you are a sad sack, chances are an actor is not going to enjoy performing for you and may move on more quickly to those who are not a sad sack. Leave the ‘tough guy/girl’ attitude at home and come enjoy yourself with your friends instead!

Copyright © 2021 Evilcorp Haunted Attractions Australia™. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2021 Evilcorp Haunted Attractions Australia™. All Rights Reserved.