THE CURSE – HALLOWEEN MAZE 2017   |   Tickets On Sale Now!
The Curse Halloween Maze Evilcorp Haunted Attractions Australia
October 13th, 14th, 20th, 21st, 27th and 28th.

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“Something is coming.
Something hateful, blinded with red rage.
Something born from the inky blackness of the never ending abyss.
Something that will tear your beating heart out and relish the soft whisper of your last exhale.
Something that will bathe with sweet delight in the rivers of blood that follow.
Something that will have its revenge…”
We invite you and your friends to experience your very own horror movie!
Our live, interactive haunted maze, filled with terrifying, murderous creatures will scare, excite and entertain you this October! Tell everyone you know! The more people who come, the better your odds of survival!
On for a limited season only. The venue also offers great food and an 18+ bar

SCARLET HOLLOW – Horror Maze. ***Now Ended***
A haunted maze set in an old abandoned town. It’s dark. You can hear the screams of those who have gone before you. Your heartbeat is leaping out of your chest. The heat of adrenaline warms your veins. For a moment you are frozen in place; trapped in your own sweaty skin. Can you keep going? Can you survive this night? . R16 Event. October 21, 22, 28, 29 & November 5 2016 Halloween season.

DAYSCARE – Haunted Maze ***Now Ended***
Daytime walk through an old village with fun scary creatures to scare & delight kids of all ages.
October 301 2016 Halloween Season.

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FRIGHTMARE – Cabin. ***Now Ended***
Dinner, scary forest walk, horror movie. haunted forest maze, camp fire ghost stories and overnight cabin stay where we scared customers all night long until sunrise!
July 9th 2016.

Interactive zombie laster skirmish event held by Battlefield Live.
Zombies and sets supplied by Evilcorp.
July 8th 2016.

Zombie themed party at Shooters Nightclub Surfers Paradise for Schoolies 2015.
November 30 2015.

DAYSCARE – Haunted Maze ***Now Ended***
Daytime forest walk through with fun scary creatures to scare and delight kids of all ages.
October 31 2015 Halloween Season.

CEDAR CREEK SLASHER – Horror Maze ***Now Ended***
A haunted forest maze based on the classic ‘Slasher Movie’ genre. The slasher has escaped custody and is loose in the forest. You need to enter the forest and find little lost Lucy before The Slasher does. R16 Event.
October 23, 24, 30, 31, 2015 Halloween Season.

COMIC-CON BRISBANE 2015***Now Ended***
We brought our caged zombies to Brisbane Comic-Con for the public to get a good close look at. However they didn’t stay caged for long….
September 19 & 20 2015

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