Since 2007, Evilcorp Haunted Attractions Australia has been working towards opening Australia’s first all-year-round, purpose built, LIVE haunted attraction. Our aim is to become the Haunted Attraction Theme Park epicentre of the world! And what better place to do this than South East Queensland Australia! With the regions existing and growing theme parks and attractions, Evilcorp is already a welcomed addition to this ever developing tourism destination. Dream big or go home right?

In the mean time while we continue to strive for our big dreams, we work with what we have. That’s why after our appearance on Season One of Shark Tank Australia, we decided the time was now or never! In October 2015 we launched our first October Halloween Season Event – The Cedar Creek Slasher!

The Cedar Creek Slasher was a haunted walk through maze set in the deep dark forest of Thunderbird Park on Tamborine Mountain, about 50min drive from Surfers Paradise in the Gold Coast. The four night show season was a great success with many happily terrified customers and amazing reviews! It went even better then we hoped it would. As the location was only really available to us for a short time, after Halloween we sadly had to pack up.

In November 2015 we were invited along to scare and delight the huge Schoolies 2015 crowd at Shooters Nightclub in Surfers Paradise. Although this was a one off event, our creatures had the time of their lives! And so did the unsuspecting Schoolies!

July 9th 2016 we kicked off our ‘scare season’ with an ALL NIGHTER! That’s right we scared our customers ALL NIGHT LONG until sunrise! Our customers arrived to a delicious burger meal then were lead through an eerie forest to our outdoor movie theatre where they were treated to The Conjuring. After the movie they tested their now jittery nerves in our haunted forest maze full of terrifying creatures. If they emerged alive, they headed to our camp fire where Jack Sim the famous ghost story teller from Brisbane, told true local ghost stories by camp fire. After that, they were lead to their cabins for lights out……where we scared them all….night….long. FRIGHTMARE– Cabin was a great success with more amazing 5 star reviews. We plan to hold more FRIGHTMARE events in more scary locations soon.

The night before FRIGHTMARE- Cabin, on July 8th we also took part in a great event held by Battlefield Live Laser Skirmish. We rounded up our Evilcorp zombies and let them loose in the forest at Thunderbird Park, for Battlefield LIVE’s Zombie Laser Skirmish event! Luckily none escaped thanks to the players who showed up to help with containment. We will be collaborating on more interactive laser skirmish events soon!

Halloween 2016 we brought our fans our 3rd major haunt, Scarlet Hollow! The maze ran over 3 weeks with 6 shows and was held at the Beenleigh Historical Village in Beenleigh, about 30min from Brisbane and 30min from the Gold Coast. The haunt was set in an old historical village with buildings from the 1800’s and perhaps the odd REAL ghost helping to set the scene for our terrified fans! We increased our ticket sales yet again but our biggest success was being voted the best Halloween Attraction in 2016 by AusParks! For Halloween 2016 we were also proud to donate part of our profits to Beyondblue, a charity that does such an amazing and much needed job. We also had a scare actor join us from Utah, and many customers from the states and Canada who let us know that our haunt was right up there with the best they had experienced! 2016 has left us pumped and so very ready for the next chapter!

Evilcorp is committed to becoming the premier haunted attraction in Australia and we are dedicated to coming up with more terrifying events, ideas and ways to make you scream!

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